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 The door is made of 6063 aviation alloy aluminum alloy with hardness of about 13-14 degrees. It is hard and moderate but not brittle. The thickness of aluminum is 1.5~3.0mm, the thickness of aluminum is 1.2-3.00mm, and even some products 4-5mm are not easy to deform. All aluminum alloys are quoted in the national standard for 12 hours acetic acid corrosion resistance test and alkali drop test. The wear resistance test and aging resistance test are carried out. The requirement of comprehensive performance of No. 6063 aluminum alloy is much higher than the standard of industrial profile, and its tensile hardness, yield strength, elongation, hardness and other indicators are better than the national standards and European standards.
The world aluminum ore is the best, followed by Australia China, once again, canada. Guangdong Zhongshan aluminum industry has a high visibility, aviation industry aluminum, and is a national inspection free products. The aluminum material of the door is made of high quality aluminum material with a hardness of about 13-14 degrees, the purity is as high as 98%, the price is high, and the thickness of aluminum wall is 1.2-3.0mm. Hard and tough, medium but not crisp, not easy to deform. Its tensile strength, yield strength, hardness and other important indicators are better than the national and European standards, non-standard large size customization is not easy to deformation, effectively ensure the safety of use.
Methods of comparing aluminum materials:
A, the quality is not good from the surface treatment to see whether there is color, white line trachoma etc.;
B, shower room aluminum hardness, less impurities, cut section luster, other gloss;
C and low-grade shower room open is not smooth, burr, pinch with aluminum to be soft, deformation.
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