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 The aluminum surface of the shower door is painted with automotive high temperature metal paint, and the factory and the products are tested through environmental protection. Is safe and non-toxic, not easy to fall off, beautiful appearance, good gloss, color elegant. After the coating process of aluminum in chemical processing and dust-free spraying, 160 DEG C high temperature baking. After finishing with strong adhesion, scratch resistance, no discoloration, ageing resistance. The car high temperature metal paint not only improves the intensity of use of materials and increase the service life and corrosion resistance, but also provide rich and colorful decorative colors, such as white, coarse and fine silver, silver flash red flash silver, blue silver flash, flash silver, green coffee, black diamond, diamond fireworks fireworks champagne silver dumb, dumb, black gold, color color, optional enrich the color in the shower room.
High temperature metal paint is sprayed with paint on aluminum, aluminum coating on the surface of the high temperature in brilliant metallic paint color, but also increase the intensity of use of aluminum and service life; and in the process of aluminum oxide, the corrosion on the aluminum surface, polishing and coloring, the aluminum thickness is reduced, the strength decreased.
Because bath often use alkaline substances shampoo, shower gel and other cleaning supplies, general oxidation aluminum surface, alkali resistance is low, easy aging, prone to dark color, corrosion and other undesirable phenomena. High temperature metal paint of acid and alkali resistance, aging resistance, can keep the original color, long time, and easy to clean surface. Easy to repair, can be used for automobile decontamination wax, polishing wax and other automotive supplies, maintenance and cleaning of aluminum surface, make the shower aluminum surface to keep the color bright; and the oxidized aluminum surface is not easy to repair and clean.
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