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1, shower room to put glass explosion-proof membrane?
In China, a shower room in the process of installation and use, toughened glass explosion happened frequently, which not only affect our business products and brand reputation, more important is the delay time for customers, even harming the safety of customers. The toughened glass blasting reasons difficult to identification and judgment is man-made or normal to explode, many consumers and businesses under dispute. Some businesses can do for consumers said: national standard tempered glass are 3/1000 of the explosive rate". Therefore, we recommend that consumers to prevent loss and damage to the glass blew and dropped to the lowest effective way is to shower with tempered glass explosion-proof membrane.
2, the characteristics of explosion-proof membrane
Shower room glass explosion-proof membrane, using PET (polyethylene terephthalic acid ester =) transparent polyester film with high strength, anti tension, 160% high stretching degree, strong acid and alkali resistance, good condition can also maintain physical properties at high temperature.
3, the advantages of sticking explosion-proof film:
Safety explosion-proof membrane attached to the shower room glass surface, such as glass explosion occurred, the glass fragments adhered to in situ until it is safely removed, thereby reducing the possibility of human injury, protect the property safety, and reduce the losses caused by the explosion, which can identify accident responsibility clear. Our shower room toughened glass explosion-proof film styles, new patterns, both safe and beautiful, has been recognized and accepted by the vast number of consumers.
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