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 Eight characteristics of Jie Jie Yi Jie shower room:
First, save worry and effort:
Daily cleaning and sanitation is very simple and easy, just shower after shower with a shower, you can clean as new, no longer hard scrub. Not as clean up after the hard work and worries.
Two, self-cleaning antibacterial function
The use of high-tech technology to form a high silicon network with special structure on the surface, reduce the energy structure of the glass surface, resulting in water, dirt and germs are not parasitic on the surface adsorption, and at the same time, the water can take the residual bacteria, resulting in self-cleaning and antibacterial effect.
Three, anti mildew function
After the international authority certification institutions testing, mold grade reached the highest level 0 standards, completely eliminate the ordinary shower room long-term use of glass mildew and so on
Four, easy maintenance
Because of the special structure of the surface, the suction and hang stains, so in the daily cleaning work is easy, even if only a maintenance cloth to gently wash wipe, can restore beautiful appearance after flushing.
Five, prevent glass blindness and yellowing
Ordinary glass due to the role of acid in the air and hard water residue will gradually become yellow, lose the original permeability of glass and shiny appearance, and Ecofriend easy to clean the glass after no worry
Six, resistance to temperature changes
No matter the South and the north are not affected by the region and climate, heat and cold resistance, from 60 to +380 degrees of temperature range, suitable for the vast majority of the region and the use of the environment
Seven, long service life
In the similar products of other indoor use, only a few months to a year of life, while Ecofriend Yi Jie treated glass can be effective for more than 5 years of life, is the world's highest standard period of use.
Eight, safety and environmental protection
Ecofriend easy to clean completely curing agent by using the latest international cutting-edge technology, green non-toxic, will not cause any harm to human body or environment, and save cost, reduce the amount of water and detergent, protection of water resources.
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